A Journey Toward Optimal Health

Begining The Journey

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After many requests to follow me on my journey toward optimal health I decided to begin this blog.

I’m not going to go into my past as it is a very depressing one. Instead I’m going to tell you of a journey that began on Feb 1 2008 after many years of depression. I was awakened by a voice telling me that I would be given a gift equal to double of that which I have suffered in my life. You see, I know what I went through better than anyone, so this promise woke me out of an oppressive and very dark sleep.

I’m not going to say things have been easy since then, but they certainly have been interesting.

I began this journey at the weight of 308 pounds. That was my record heaviest. I had pretty much given up on myself.

I’m a lady who believes in Jesus, probably more than anyone else I know. So, that day, I knew He heard my prayers. I knew He loved me and I knew I was in for some change!

Throughout 2008 I was brought through a series of events that spiritually healed me. I became a different (in a good way) person. I found my identity in Christ and was finally able to move forward with my life.


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