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I’ve been prayerfully considering some blog topics to write about and you know once you ask… well I got a ton of topics. So here it goes.

Out of my passion to see people get set free from bondage’s in their lives and being set free from some myself, one of the most important things that I’ve learned is to ask myself WHO am I?And WHAT am I doing here?

In’ seeking the answers to these questions the realization came to me that I’ve been believing things that others have told me throughout my life and living up to those things! This was a truly startling revelation, because not all of those things were good!

You see the majority of the people on this planet grow up hearing all kinds of bad things in their lives. Hurting people, hurt people. It’s just the way it is! The thing is, I’ve realized that we have the choice whether we believe those things or not.

Most of us go through life being molded by the expectations, ridicule and demands that our parents and peers put on us. Few of us ignore those things and seek out our own identity. And often those who do, do it in a place of destructive rebellion. No instead we have allowed those misspoken words to guide our every step and limit our true abilities in life.

I’m not saying that those who spoke those things were doing so with bad intention. In fact most of the time the intention is good. Most of the time the person is speaking to try to help you avoid some of the mistakes that they have made in their past. Or sometimes they do it to just be mean. My point is… most of us are never told that we do not have to believe those things!

I have a saying that I adopted about 5 years ago when I began searching for my identity. Here it is… NO BODY HAS A RIGHT TO DEFINE YOU EXCEPT YOUR MAKER!

So instead of allowing other people’s opinions of you define you… instead of acting in rebellion and doing things in a self-destructive matter… wouldn’t it just be better to ask the maker of this universe who you are and what he wants for you? Seek out the promises that HE has for you. Like freedom, health, happiness, joy, peace, prosperity and significance.  He knit you in the womb for a special purpose that NO ONE else on the face of the earth can substitute for you. Find out what that is. Then focus on it. Obtain it and live it. Then, when He shows you the answers… simply choose to believe Him. Seek this out long enough and He will answer you. He is just waiting for you to ask.

There is nothing on the face of this earth that can match knowing what and who you were created to be. NOTHING!

I did this, and it changed my life forever… for the better.

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Comments on: "WHO do you think you are?" (4)

  1. Very well written…what do they say? Most men live lives of quiet desperation……

    • Thank you and yes. Most do live lives of quiet desperation. Some only need one person to speak life into them for them to come to life. It’s amazing what you can do for a person just by lifting them up a little.

  2. so true friend!

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