A Journey Toward Optimal Health

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So many things in today’s world are based upon a philosophy  that hides, covers up or places a “band-aid”  on a problem.

Look at how many people are on medication today to treat “Symptoms” they are having. And then the medications give them side effects that they need more medication to treat the symptoms of the  side  effects. Ultimately this kind of behavior leads to death.

What about behavior issues and addictions? Society has chosen to give labels and place the blame on past hurts. And this has resulted in what? Broken people. Completely broken, chewed up, depressed people who feel no worth at all. They are given the band-aid of a label. Then told it’s okay to blame someone else. Then they are told they can’t be held responsible for their own actions. They never get to a place of feeling like they are worth anything because now they carry a label. They are never allowed take ownership of their own lives or accountability for their own actions.  So they believe the lie that they are worthless.

Where does it stop? Answer… at the root!

The ONLY way to stop this insanity is to start confronting the truth that everything we do, say, think, eat and believe has consequences either good or bad. And until we start making changes from the root, confronting the problem face on and getting rid of the excuses… well, there is no future of hope.

I had someone say to me once that I should just begin to accept people for who they are instead of always expecting them to change. I thought about that for a long time and then I realized that if we don’t offer change, we don’t offer hope!

People are suffering out there. BUT THERE IS HOPE. HOPE that absolutely requires change. I’m not ashamed to offer that, because I am able to see where it will take people. Unconditional love does not mean watching from the sidelines as someone destroys themselves.  In fact, there is NO love in that at all. That is like knowing someone is going to walk off a cliff and refusing to warn them about the ledge. Instead we need to set the example and lead people with an example of uncompromising integrity that steers them away from that ledge

When you better your life and get to the root of things, you get set free. Admitting to the things you did wrong and setting and example for others to do the same is an example of integrity. Sometimes it’s a lonely path to start on. But with time you will find other eagles to fly with. Then somewhere down the line people start to see the truth and make the necessary changes in their lives. Eventually looking back with thanksgiving toward you for that initial example.

Deep down, I think all people are born knowing the truth about what it is that is causing the problems. I just wish there were more people shining light on the answers. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so hard to make changes.


Comments on: "Eagles Fly Without Band Aids" (5)

  1. I agree that taking responsibility is a necessity in realizing change. Awesome insight!

  2. Great post. So true.

  3. I absolutely agree. The responsibility for change is ours alone. Nicely post. http://morethanjustamomma.blogspot.com/

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