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Power Wraps

A stainless steel frying pan.

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I have to say that these are an awesome and extremely healthy alternative to tortillas. My husband and I both love them. YUMMY!

Like tortillas but with ZERO carbs!

You will need:

Cooking Spray

1 1/3 cup Bob’s Red Mill Isolated Soy Protein Powder

6 Tbsp Bob’s Red Mill Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal

1 tsp Onion and Herb Mrs. Dash

1/2 tsp NOW Foods Stevia Liquid Extract

2 cups liquid egg whites

1 2/3 cup water

In a medium mixing bowl combine all ingredients and stir to get lumps out.  Spray a large (preferably stainless steel) skillet with cooking spray. Spray both sides of metal spatula with cooking spray. Heat skillet on medium heat for just under 1 minute. Use a 1/4 cup measuring cup to spoon out 1/4 cup of batter and place it in skillet. Use a rubber spatula or back of a spoon to spread batter out into an 8″ circle. This will need to be done somewhat slowly as not to rip the tortilla wrap. Cook on first side 60-90 seconds and then flip to other side.  Cook an additional 45-60 seconds and remove from skillet. You can freeze the leftovers and use later!

This makes 14  servings. Each serving has 70 calories, 12 grams of protein, 0 g carbs, 3 g monounsaturated fat, and 5,143 lignan antioxidants.


Comments on: "Power Wraps" (3)

  1. LOVE this…bookmarked it to try!!

    • You won’t regret it! I had a breakfast wrap this morning and Fajita’s this evening with these… both were great! I’ll make sure to post those recipes within the next few days as well.

  2. This sounds great! I am definitely going to try this recipe!

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