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WARNING… Not Your Ordianary Book On Money

U.S. Money Supply(M1)2006-2008

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WARNING!!!!! This is not your ordinary book on Money. This book is not for those looking to posses with Greed. It is for those who truly want to prosper in every area of your life. There is a supernatural anointing on this book!  I read it twice and both time is gave me chills! The revelation of true Kingdom Worship as it related to money is all over these pages.

It teaches the difference between the Poverty spirit and the worship of money or the spirit of Mammon and how to prosper and avoid both!

It is unique! Completely different from anything else I’ve ever read. Truly a gift from God!

I hope it blesses you as much as it has me!

<a title="Money And The Properous Soul” href=”Money and the Prosperous Soul: Tipping the Scales of Favor and Blessing""” target=”_blank”>


Extreme Couponing For An Extreme Economy

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This is an article I wrote 4 or 5 years ago that I believe still applies today. I think we could use all the help we can get in this economy!

For the 4 years my boys were in high school I had to find some way to feed them and all of their friends who came over almost daily. Well, I learned some very valuable lessons that I would like to share with you. Not many people know all the secrets of coupon clipping but those of us that do….well let me just say that my grocery bill was $25.00- $35.00 a week, I gave away 9-10 bags of groceries to needy people and had 1/2 the basement and a 14 ft. cubic freezer completely stocked at all time! This took about 8-10 hours a week and after calculating everything was actually saving anywhere from $400-$600 per month. This is no lie. You can ask my husband and my kids! The other advantage to this is that you can try foods you normally would not buy .OK let me tell you how….

1. Don’t clip all the coupons you get in the paper. This is way to time-consuming.

2. Buy 8-10 Sunday papers. That’s why rule number one is nearly impossible.

3. Keep the sale items store ad that usually comes out mid-week  from any store that double or triples coupons on a regular basis with no limit to those coupons. You may keep more than one store ad for your area.

4. When you get your papers on Sunday stack all your coupon ads (there are usually 2 different pieces) like with like.

5. Look through your ad very carefully and take note of any buy one get one free or items that are on a really good sale. Next look through your coupons and collect any that match.

6. Clip all of the matching coupons. Don’t throw away the rest of your coupons for that week. You will keep all coupons until expiration.

7. Always buy the smallest item that the coupon allows and use all your coupons. Get as many as you have coupons for. I know this is opposite of what you are thinking but trust me. You will see why in a minute.

8. If the store is out of an item that is on sale GET A RAIN CHECK!

9. After you do this for a couple of weeks it will become an 8-10 hour job. You will have stacks of coupons to go through. I recommend that you just look through one of each different booklet and cut those out first and then go back and only choose the booklets that you cut things out for the remainder of the coupons.

10. Bring your husband one time. He is not going to trust you at first and he needs to see this with his own eyes! I took my husband one time and we had 2 carts full of stuff and he was absolutely in panic because we were on a very tight budget. When we checked out with a $47.00 bill, he never doubted me again! Another time I brought my sister. She needed to pick up some items so I went with her and brought some coupons I had already clipped. I let her check out first with her bag and it totaled more than $40.00, for 1 bag! My purchase filled 8 full size grocery bags and I walked out of there paying just over $11.00. Even the checker was shocked. You should have seen my sister’s face! It was great!

OK here is how it works. Manufacturer coupons are not the same as store sales, therefore you are allowed to use one coupon per item. That means if it is buy one get one free you can use 2 coupons. So for example…..(this is an actual example that really happened to me)

The sale ad reads  Frank’s Red Hot Sauce buy one get one free. The price on the item is $1.34. You get one at that pice and one for free. Say you have 2 coupons. You can use 1 coupon for the buy one and one coupon for the get one free! Now say the coupon is worth .40 cents. You’re at a store where that doubles. So on your first item you pay $1.34 – .80 cents. That leaves you with a balance of .54 cents, but wait, you still have another coupon for the get one free! That applies another .80 cents into the calculation. So .80 cents – .54 cents leaves you with them paying you .26 cents to take these items off of their hands! That’s right folks, you have a .26 cent credit! So if you have 8 papers worth of coupons then you can buy 8 products which leaves you a credit on your grocery bill of $1.04. Now can you imagine what happens when you have 20-30 different types of items per shopping all of which you can buy 8 of and stock up? For about 2-4 shopping trips your bill will be a little higher than normal. This is normal because not everything you need for groceries goes on sale all at once and you still have to buy what you need. But around the second month of doing this you will see a significant reduction in your grocery bill. When you are 4-5 months into it, your bill will drop to about 1/4-1/3 of what it was normally. Now this plan does not work for everybody. Keep in mind that most coupons are for pricey packaged and junk food or snacks. So in order to keep your family healthy, please buy some produce once in a while. But if you have a bunch of small kids and or teenagers you need to feed, by all means go for it!

Another example. I received a coupon (actually 10 coupons) for Swifter mop starter kit. The coupon was for $10.00 off. Normally these ran about $20.00 ea. One of the store ads had a special sale on this item for $9.99 ea. I bought ten of them and had to buy an additional item so that they could pay me my .10 cents. They won’t give you cash for coupons, but they will apply it to the rest of your bill.

Well, I hope this is a blessing to all who read it. With gas prices these days, we all need all the help we can get. Now go shopping!

WHO do you think you are?

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I’ve been prayerfully considering some blog topics to write about and you know once you ask… well I got a ton of topics. So here it goes.

Out of my passion to see people get set free from bondage’s in their lives and being set free from some myself, one of the most important things that I’ve learned is to ask myself WHO am I?And WHAT am I doing here?

In’ seeking the answers to these questions the realization came to me that I’ve been believing things that others have told me throughout my life and living up to those things! This was a truly startling revelation, because not all of those things were good!

You see the majority of the people on this planet grow up hearing all kinds of bad things in their lives. Hurting people, hurt people. It’s just the way it is! The thing is, I’ve realized that we have the choice whether we believe those things or not.

Most of us go through life being molded by the expectations, ridicule and demands that our parents and peers put on us. Few of us ignore those things and seek out our own identity. And often those who do, do it in a place of destructive rebellion. No instead we have allowed those misspoken words to guide our every step and limit our true abilities in life.

I’m not saying that those who spoke those things were doing so with bad intention. In fact most of the time the intention is good. Most of the time the person is speaking to try to help you avoid some of the mistakes that they have made in their past. Or sometimes they do it to just be mean. My point is… most of us are never told that we do not have to believe those things!

I have a saying that I adopted about 5 years ago when I began searching for my identity. Here it is… NO BODY HAS A RIGHT TO DEFINE YOU EXCEPT YOUR MAKER!

So instead of allowing other people’s opinions of you define you… instead of acting in rebellion and doing things in a self-destructive matter… wouldn’t it just be better to ask the maker of this universe who you are and what he wants for you? Seek out the promises that HE has for you. Like freedom, health, happiness, joy, peace, prosperity and significance.  He knit you in the womb for a special purpose that NO ONE else on the face of the earth can substitute for you. Find out what that is. Then focus on it. Obtain it and live it. Then, when He shows you the answers… simply choose to believe Him. Seek this out long enough and He will answer you. He is just waiting for you to ask.

There is nothing on the face of this earth that can match knowing what and who you were created to be. NOTHING!

I did this, and it changed my life forever… for the better.

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