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A Gruesome Eye Opener

One day this last week my sister, mom and I bought a bulk package of Tri-tipped roasts to share. My sister played butcher and cut off all the fat and split the roasts evenly between us. As we were packaging the roast up we decided to weigh the bowl of fat that was taken off the roasts to find out if we really saved any money doing things this way. Well that medium-sized metal mixing bowl mounded full of fat was 6 pounds!

Then it dawned on me. My sister just weighed in the day before at 37.2 pounds less. I had just lost 20.2 pounds and my mother had just lost 6 pounds. When this revelation came to me I announced that my sister has lost more than 6 times what we see in that bowl. Than she announced that I had just lost over 3 times what was in that bowl. And then my mom announced that she had lost what was in that bowl!

You should have seen the looks on our face for about 5 minutes after that, as we pondered silently about how much we still needed to lose! You can’t put a price on the experience we just had.