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10 Quirky Tips To Help With Weight Loss


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1. Eat on a BLUE plate and with a BLUE place mat.  Color is powerful. Blue suppresses appetite. Red and yellow increase appetite.

2. Drinking ice water instead of room temperature water actually burns 9.4 more calories per glass!  If you are consuming a healthy 8-8oz glasses a day that adds up to 74 calories per day and a whopping 7.7 pounds per week!

3. Sit on an exercise ball instead of a desk chair while at your computer. The isometric movements you make if you sit there for minutes or even hours a day will work your core and quickly slim your waistline!

4. Drink a glass of water 5 minutes before eating a meal. It will cause you to eat far less plus it helps with your daily water intake.

5. Breakfast. Eat a substantial one. 400-600 healthy calories. That means lean meat, eggs (or preferably egg whites) and vegetables. Not high fat or high sugar foods. This will sustain your energy level throughout the day and you won’t be as likely to do a lot of unhealthy snacking.

6. Eat 6 times a day. Small low glycemic meals. This stabilizes your blood sugar and insulin levels causing you to have no hunger and no cravings, sleep better and have tons of energy.

7. Instead of coffee in the afternoon eat a combination of low fat meat and low glycemic vegetables. This will give you an energy boost like no other. You can rock your world and get many “brownie” points with the boss by implementing this strategy because everyone else will be going through their afternoon slump and you will be actually getting things done!

8. Walk to a different floor at work using the stairs to use the bathroom 3-4 times a day. You would be surprised at the amount of calories you can burn in a week by doing this. Also, you get to see people you don’t normally see. It’s a win-win.

9. Park further away from the building. You will notice your energy level increase within a few days if you do this.

10. Get online before going out. Find out what the menu is and plan ahead or even call ahead to eat the way you need to when you get there. You will find this to enable you to be stronger and not make emotional eating choices or be influenced by your peers and what they are ordering.

Change your habits and implement these simple things one at a time. Even if it’s taking one at a time for 10 weeks. After the 12 week you will notice… and so will others. Then pay it forward when they start asking. Let them know what you have been doing. Start a group or network of people doing these things. How popular you will be when they start seeing the results themselves!


Now That I Received My New Identity

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So now what? God showed me who I was in His eyes. But when I looked in the mirror, well it didn’t match! What I did have , was a new hope. So I began to work on things.

I weighed an enormous 308 pounds! How did I get here? Years of depression and emotional eating. Several neck, back and joint injuries. Extreme emotional pain that led me into comfort eating. What a mess! How am I ever going to get to the picture God just gave me of who He sees me as? So many things yet to overcome.

The journey began! So, in between that February morning and now, life has been a roller coaster ride to say the least. But finally, just within the past few months my husband and I have seen a light at the end of the tunnel. We are finally planting some roots and feeling like things are on a stable and secure path.

18 months ago I came across a terrific site online that helped me to begin exercising at a very slow but steady pace. It allowed me to count calories and had ways of motivating me to stay on track. I did well with it for a while and managed to take off 45 pounds in 5 months. Then the roller coaster started up again. I was forced into getting a full-time job so that we could make ends meet.

The job I took was very stressful and did not allow a proper break or way of eating that could be healthy. I gained 22 pounds back within the next 8 months! I suffered yet one more injury ( this time at work) and was in chronic pain. I was getting all kinds of horrible treatment from the company I was working for and by the end of my doctors visits found myself out of a job.

Then toward the end of this horrible adventure a MIRACLE happened. I met with some people from the Healing Rooms ministries and they prayed for me. My entire skeletal system was completely healed! No more pain AT ALL! I had been in chronic pain since my first back injury at the age of 12! That was 35 years of pain. NOW COMPLETELY GONE! I knew I had to lose the weight now. Quickly, so that I would not re-injure myself.

So, now let’s go  to six weeks ago. My wonderful sister had been watching some friends of hers lose weight. There was one couple that was making a lot of money in the process too. So, my sister after 8 months or so of watching decided to find out more and give it a try. Well, within 3 days her depression left her, her energy level was flying, and her weight was down by like 8 pounds! Then within 3 weeks she had lost 20 pounds.  People were starting to ask her what it was that she was doing. She became a walking billboard and decided to get into business for herself.

I became her first customer! I mean it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she was on to something here! So I too became a client and a Health Coach. That couldn’t have come at a better time as I now needed a job. Now 3 weeks later, I have lost 18.2 pounds (today was my 3 week weigh in) . I’ve never felt healthier, had more energy or had an easier time losing weight. I’m on my way to being  healthier financially, physically and mentally through the most exciting and encouraging and supportive program that I have ever experienced.

I no longer have doubts about how I’m going to get there. It’s coming to me. And quickly!