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Is Childhood Obesity An Epidemic?

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If you think about where we came from in America, I think you will see that there is a reason for the problem of childhood obesity rising. Let me point out a few things as to why.

First of all, back in the day…  before World War II, children worked from the time they walked. Families thought the more children the better because that is the way the farms ran, business ran, and America ran! I’m not voting as whether or not this was “right” or “wrong,” I’m just saying it is the way things were!

Then came the war. Women went to the workplace and men to war. Older children were left to mind the younger ones. Still working. And games and toys and playtime all took place outside! Radio was the hottest thing out there, and the family would gather ’round it every evening for some quality family time.

Automobiles were introduced, and walking places was no longer the norm.

Then the depression hit. Whoever could work… did. Whatever food was available was eaten. Playtime was still outdoors.

Then came TV! Well, with it came time sitting in front of it! Some of this was quality time and some not so much. But as the number of shows increased, so did the sitting time in front of it.

Then came women’s liberation. With that came a lot less cooking time in the kitchen. Enter convenient, pre-packaged foods! Still, there was playtime outside. But have a child do anything other than play and watch TV was unheard of at this point. Suddenly, children became more of a burden than a blessing.

Then with the baby boomer generation came the latch-key generation, and shortly after it was no longer safe to allow children outside unsupervised! More and more processed foods became available, and more and more illnesses along with them. Diabetes, ADD, ADHD, Cancers, Heart disease and more.

And then there came Pong! The first video game was introduced! And we all know where that led to!

I don’t know if my timeline is right, but hopefully, you get the picture. We went from active kids who had very healthy eating habits to inactive kids with processed foods. What were we thinking would be the results of this?

So is childhood obesity an epidemic? I would say yes, and we’d better do something about it quick!

I have something that can help!


Do You Have A Child Who Just Won’t Eat Healthy?

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My youngest son was a picky eater as a child. I felt so inadequate at times being a single mom and broke. I did everything I could to feed my kids right. I took advantage of every program available to me that would put food on the table for my children. But no matter what I tried, I just could hardly ever get him to eat.

As I found things that he liked I made sure that was a part of his diet often. This helped some, but he was tiny and the doctor and I were worried. One night, I’ll never forget… I made spaghetti for the fist time in a long time. He must have been starving and really liked it because at the age of 4 he ate 4 plates of it! HE WANTED MORE! I looked at his belly and I thought it was going to burst! Something in that spaghetti worked. To this day, I don’t know why he chose that.

I tried everything with this kid. Finally I was able to “hide” enough nutrients in the things that he did like to get him healthy and he grew up to be a healthy strong man. Then he had a son.

I don’t know if it’s something in the genes or what… but I bet you can guess. Yup… same exact thing. My grand son is 6 years old and tiny. We are a bit concerned about his eating habits. Oh he has no problem eating sweets! Not at all. It’s anything nutritious that you put in front of him that he seems to reject. So I just found out that the program I’m on for weight loss can actually benefit kids like this as well! The meal replacement (some of which taste like candy bars ,milkshakes and cheese puffs) can be given to kids as healthy snacks! They are packed with protein and vitamins that will sustain a positive and even energy in kids instead of giving them a spike in their insulin levels, hyping them out and making them crash hard and causing them to be cranky!

I’m so excited to have found this out and definitely will be getting with Mom and Dad to try it with him. Stay tuned for the update!